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                    DENVER ZOO is open!

                    We've made changes throughout our 80-acre campus to keep everyone safe and healthy. Here's everything you need to know when you come visit us.

                    Up-Close Looks

                    Animal Encounters are back in a fun, safe and ultra-exclusive way. “Up-Close Look” experiences allow you to "buy out” a session for up to four people from your social distancing bubble to enjoy an exciting and intimate experience that keeps everyone, including our animals, safe!

                    SHOP TO SUPPORT
                    DENVER ZOO

                    Our online store is open! Your purchase helps us to care for our 3,000 wild and wonderful animals.

                    YOUR MEMBERSHIP
                    HELPS US CARE FOR
                    OUR ANIMALS

                    Denver Zoo relies on the support of our memberships to continue providing world-class care for our 3,000 wild animals—particularly now, while our daily admissions are limited by government mandate.

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