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                    About Us

                    Denver Zoo is a leader in connecting people to the awe and importance of wild animals while providing unparalleled care, educational experiences, and local and global conservation efforts that help save wild places and wildlife. Our more than 350 employees and 600 volunteers passionately support our mission everyday: Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations. We invite you to join us for a memorable day with your family exploring our more than 84 beautifully landscaped acres on the north end of Denver’s City Park. Or, if you share our passion and vision, please become a member or donor so our animals and staff can continue their work on behalf of wild animals and wild places around the world.


                    Learn more about the Denver Zoo's past.

                    Master Plan

                    In 2015, Denver Zoo submitted an updated Master Plan to the City of Denver to guide the future of the Zoo.

                    Jobs and Interships

                    Come join us at the Denver Zoo!

                    Adult Volunteer Programs

                    Come join Denver Zoo's volunteer program to help play a vital role in supporting our mission.

                    Corporate Sponsors

                    Companies and organizations that support the zoo.

                    Annual Report

                    Learn more about Denver Zoo!


                    Denver Zoo welcomes your comments, suggestions, and questions.