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I Do Not Remember…

I do not remember my death. I remember the last words spoken, but I do not remember dying. It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was riding with 3 friends. Tom was at the wheel of his brand new used Toyota Celica, Michele sat shotgun while I rode in back with Jerry. We were high […]

Spread Your Wings

When we finally move through a soul lesson, there comes a day when we notice that whatever we’ve been working on, isn’t with us any more. The anger we had toward a certain person has dissolved. The fear we had about a situation has left us. The worry we had about something in the future […]

The Forever Full of More Place

            Time to go, she stated Go? Where do we go? Inside, she whispered Now, is the time to go Inside The forever full of more place Love. Oh, the Inside sounds very nice, how can we get there? By letting go – Jennifer Pepper