• Psychic Sessions with an Intuitive Psychic Coach

    Renew & Restore

Intuitive psychic readings offer the perspective to gain greater clarity and understanding about your life and relationships. Receive intuitive guidance for a deeper personal understanding of your place in the cosmos. Jennifer Pepper is a practicing Mystic with a Masters in Transpersonal Communication. Her work has developed over 33 years of study and practice as a professional intuitive and psychic energy coach. Experiencing a session with Jennifer is like being given a treasure map with clues to relevant life themes and archetypes, including perspectives on love and relationships or geographic connections, often bringing us a higher perception for greater personal clarity and peace of mind.

Explore your personal themes and aspects from a mystical perspective. Experience her work to renew and restore your life path purpose and direction. Jennifer’s work illuminates a deeper and enriched point of view; frequently healing conflicts and imbalances by illuminating the essence of your “life stories”.

She offers spiritual wisdom with a direct, often humorous style.  Her readings are suited to people of all ages. Jennifer’s readings are for anyone interested in personal growth, awareness and peace of mind.

Psychic Readings

Life Coaching & Family Support

  • Intuitive Life Coaching (1 Month)
    Receive weekly half hour coaching sessions over a four week period. Cost includes e-mail support and a 60 minute follow up session during the 5th week.
  • Couples Session (60 min)
  • Children Under 18
    Children often see or hear angels and spirits. These are art sessions, and as Jennifer communicates with the guides and angels around the child, the communication is evidenced with drawing and coloring images that are interpreted.

Namaste Massage

All lineages ultimately lead to a Sacred Truth: You are Energy and your energy flows in patterns, which flow into currents, which can be accessed and worked on, much like a tuning fork, Energy Workers retune. These energy bodies are You, your true Self. This You is a symphony of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies; all of them, all together forming your unique divine design. Each and every soul is powerful, beautiful, capable and unique. YourSelf, has something to say to you… humorous, emotionally clarifying, profound or just healing, the power of your own life force energy is yours to know, experience and work.

  • 50 Minutes
    Experience a 50-minute Namaste Massage for complete energy balance, mental clarity and physical restoration. Infusing a combination of bio-energetic alignments, massage, essential oils and therapeutic flow all co-creating a calming spiritual experience.

Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate of $100+ and Jennifer will gift the gifter! Enjoy your own 15 minute session!