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                    Denver Zoo Master Plan

                    In 2015, Denver Zoo submitted an updated Master Plan to the City of Denver to guide the future of the Zoo. This plan aligns with the Denver Zoo mission, vision, values and strategic imperative. Unanimously passed by Denver City Council early in 2018, we are driven to secure funding and support to execute this plan with the commitment to the highest quality guest experience and animal care and welfare. Not only does our Master Plan contain the map for Denver Zoo’s future, it also shares a vision of Denver Zoo’s role in supporting our local and international community in an ever-changing world.

                    Master Plan PDF

                    Why a Master Plan?

                    Denver Zoo is dynamic. Serving over 2 million guests per year and caring for nearly 4,000 animals is quite the operation. Denver Zoo’s campus houses nearly 100 city buildings, some dating back more than 100 years. Learn more below about our campus, our philosophy that guides this plan, and the site planning strategies designed to continue to provide the best animal care possible and connect our guests to wild animals and wild places.