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                    Ready to join?

                    Already one of us?

                    Your membership supports our mission:

                    Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations

                    Membership at Denver Zoo is about so much more than spending quality time with your family and connecting with the wonders of nature. As a non-profit organization, we rely on membership fees to help offset the cost of the world-class care we provide for our 3,000 animals. Your contribution also helps to support our ongoing mission of?Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations—which takes many forms, both here on campus and in our efforts to support threatened endangered species around the world.

                    NOTE: Due to the new safety measures necessitated by COVID-19, all new membership purchases, current membership renewals, and member ticket reservations must be handled online, in advance. Click one of the buttons at left to purchase or renew—and start enjoying advance tickets, special entry times, merchandise discounts and more!

                    Below, you'll find three other great reasons to become a member today.

                    1. Pretty Powerful Perks

                    • ? FREE daytime admission
                    • ? EARLY ENTRY during the busy summer months
                    • ? MEMBER DISCOUNTS on? select Zoo Lights dates,
                      education programs, gifts and refreshments
                    • ?EXCLUSIVE ACCESS?to select Zoo Lights dates
                    • ? FIRST DIBS and special previews for new attractions
                    • ? TAX DEDUCTION for your membership contribution

                    2. Exciting NEW Experiences

                    Denver Zoo is constantly dreaming up new ways to create lasting connections between wildlife and humankind. From our brand-new interactive Stingray Cove? experience...to upcoming new habitats for our African penguins and American flamingos...to our state-of-the-art Helen & Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital and Visitors’ Center...there’s something new around every corner.

                    As a Denver Zoo member, you’ll always be among the first to know!

                    3. Inspiration. Action. Impact.

                    As one of the city’s most outspoken conservation champions, Denver Zoo is proud to be actively advocating for wild animals on five continents. Your membership dollars support our field conservation and wildlife emergency response efforts in these areas—and around the world.

                    • AUSTRALIA: Supporting Zoos Victoria’s wildfire relief
                    • BOTSWANA: Protecting African wild dogs + vultures
                    • VIETNAM: Conserving Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys
                    • MONGOLIA: Argali sheep, goitered gazelles + more
                    • PERU: Breeding + protection of Lake Titicaca frogs
                    • ROCKIES+PLAINS: Grassland, bison + pika conservation

                    Save $16 by renewing before your membership expires!

                    Must log in with the email address linked to your active membership to see discounted price.

                    Individual $65

                    One named adult.



                    Individual & Guest $95

                    One named adult, plus one guest with each visit.

                    Zoo for Two $95

                    Two named adults in the same household.


                    Family $155

                    Two named adults in the same household and their children (or grandchildren) through the age of 18.



                    Family-Plus $185

                    Two named adults in the same household and their children (or grandchildren) through the age of 18, plus one guest with each visit.


                    Friends of Denver Zoo $500

                    Two named adults in the same household and their children (or grandchildren) through the age of 18, plus eight guests with each visit.

                    More About Membership

                    Wondering who you can bring, when and how? Visit our Membership FAQ section to get all the facts. We hope you'll join us!

                    Screenshots of mobile app

                    Appsolutely Awesome

                    The FREE Denver Zoo mobile app makes it easier than ever to get your BEAR-ings as you explore our beautiful 80-acre campus. Download the iOS or Android version now—and let the adventure begin!?Whether you’re crazy for capuchins, get emo about emus, go gaga for grizzlies or are even mildly obsessed with ANY of our 3,000+ wild and wonderful animals, let the app be your guide! With a full map at your fingertips and GPS capabilities, you’ll always know where you are—and how to find your favorites. In English and Spanish.