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                    2020 Private Events

                    Regardless of why your flock is gathering—team or client appreciation, celebrating a company milestone or just to shake your tail feathers—Denver Zoo is the city’s wildest, most vibrant venue. Our dedicated event specialists will work closely with you to create an event that exceeds your expectations, while also remaining in alignment with state and local regulations with regard to group gatherings.

                    Daytime Corporate Events

                    Make your next company picnic, family reunion or birthday parties a global adventure with an indoor or outdoor event tailored specifically to your needs. Call 720.337.1745 or email corporate@www.skyfarmreadings.com.

                    Private Family Events

                    Celebrate the animal lover in your family with an unforgettable private picnic, party or special dinner in locations throughout our 80-acre campus. Call 720.337.1442 or email kseymour@www.skyfarmreadings.com.

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                    Private Evening Events

                    Kick up your heels with an after-hours event, and have our 3,000 wild and wonderful animals to yourselves! Call 720.337.1745 or email corporate@www.skyfarmreadings.com to create your unique evening.

                    Contact the Sales and Hospitality Team

                    We look forward to hosting your next event at the Denver Zoo. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be with you shortly.

                    For private events, after hours buyouts, group & consignment ticketing:? mpratt@www.skyfarmreadings.com or call 720.337.1745.
                    For social events, birthdays and celebrations:? kseymour@www.skyfarmreadings.com or call 720.337.1442.