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                    Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations

                    As the city’s oldest and most passionate advocate for the natural world, Denver Zoo’s commitment to saving wildlife dates back nearly 125 years.

                    Today, with at least a million species on the brink of extinction*, our role as a Colorado wildlife conservation champion is more important than ever—and you, the members of our community, are absolutely critical to our success. Here's how your actions can make a difference for wild animals, both in our care and around the world.

                    Simple Ways to Support Denver Zoo:

                    Visit the Zoo

                    Every time you visit Denver Zoo, you’re supporting our efforts to care for our 3,000 animals and protect wildlife around the world.


                    Buy Tickets

                    Become a Member

                    Denver Zoo membership comes with all the wildlife-saving benefits of a visit and so much more. You’ll also enjoy discounts on food, gifts and special programs!


                    Explore Options

                    Make a Donation

                    Join our community of generous donors who go above and beyond to help us achieve our mission and create a world where wildlife thrives.


                    Donate Now

                    Simple Ways to Make an Impact:

                    Get Inspired. Inspire Others.

                    During your visit, listen and learn as much as you can about how to help save wildlife, then teach your family and friends. Here are a few ways to get inspired:

                    • Attend our daily animal demonstrations and keeper talks.
                    • Book a spot in one of our Up-Close Animal Encounters.
                    • Sign yourself and kids up for one of our transformative education programs.
                    • Connect with our dedicated staff and volunteers (we love questions!)

                    Use Only What You Need

                    Conserving energy and water reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can help to lessen the effects of climate change—ultimately saving wildlife and wild places. Here are simple things to do at home that make a difference:

                    • Follow lawn watering guidelines, purchase water-saving appliances, fix leaking sinks and toilets, and take the shortest possible shower.
                    • Change your furnace filter, put caulking around windows and install an automatic thermostat at energy efficient set points.
                    • Install energy-efficient appliances or bulbs, and find other resources to help save energy—and money!
                    • Bike, carpool or walk whenever possible. Use My Way to Go to find a better commute!

                    Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

                    This benefits wildlife by preserving their natural habitats and keeping harmful pollutants and toxins out of the environment. It saves you money, too! Below are a few ways to do it. Learn how Denver Zoo protects the environment and our community through our sustainability programs.

                    woman-wearing-white-long-sleeved-shirt-with-scarf-standing-374679 copy

                    Reduce the amount you consume:


                    • Plan your menus before going to the grocery store and only buy what you need.
                    • Support responsible, local products and services that focus on reducing waste and carbon emissions.
                    • Buy second hand clothing, textiles, furniture and toys.

                    Reuse whenever possible:


                    • BYO...reusable coffee mug, water bottle and shopping bag.
                    • Repair or refurbish clothing, textiles, furniture and electronics before end of use.
                    • Purchase products with quality and longevity in mind.
                    Teen volunteers in front of recycling bins

                    Recycle when it’s the only option:


                    • Sign up for recycling and composting (if available) at home.
                    • Find out where you can recycle harder-to-recycle items like mattresses, textiles and electronics.
                    • Donate and upcycle. One person’s trash could be another’s treasure!
                    Sumatran orangutan

                    Buy Wildlife-Friendly Products.

                    Download Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app, and buy products that are certified or recommended from these programs that have a direct connection to protecting wildlife’s natural habitats:


                    Become a Denver Zoo volunteer to inspire our guests to help save wildlife, or volunteer for one of our local conservation efforts, like our Front Range Pika Project*. You’ll conduct valuable research that will be used to help threatened alpine ecosystems and species.

                    *Space is limited, so sign up for the FRPP mailing list to be notified when training dates are announced.

                    Get Out the Vote

                    Legislation on the allocation of public funds can directly impact conservation efforts and environmental regulations. So, educate yourself around ballot issues and let decision-makers know you value wildlife and wild places.