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                    Give to Education

                    Thanks for your support!

                    We Inspire Awe and Foster Champions for Wildlife. This Changes the World.

                    Access Now = Impact Later! Help Support Denver Zoo Scholarships!

                    Access to Awe Scholarships remove financial barriers opening up a world of educational opportunities to a broad range of youth and adults throughout the Denver metro area and beyond.

                    Denver is growing quickly, but not everyone can afford to participate in our city’s enriching cultural and educational opportunities as the area’s cost of living continues to rise. Denver Zoo is working to change that.

                    Without financial assistance from our Access to Awe Fund, many Colorado residents could not otherwise afford to participate in learning experiences such as:

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                    At the Zoo Education Programs

                    For schools, families, or individuals, including classes, assemblies, treks, Secret Science Days, camps, career programs, and Bunk with the Beasts overnight programs.

                    Zoo to You Community Outreach Programs

                    Programs held off zoo grounds including school programs, assemblies, after-school programs, senior citizen programs, Zoo Science Series, and service learning programs. Outreach programs take place at schools and other community venues, including senior centers, nursing homes, libraries, and daycares.

                    Support Self-Guided Filed Trips Thumb

                    Self-Guided Field Trips

                    School groups visiting the Zoo September - March.

                    Transportation Fees

                    Partial reimbursement to support regional transportation to Denver Zoo to partake in education programs.

                    Teen Programming

                    Such as Zoo Crew Volunteers or Keeper Experiences

                    Education Adult Inclusion

                    Adult Volunteer Inclusion Program

                    For adults with disabilities.

                    What are you waiting for?

                    You have the power to help our community learn, grow and thrive. Partner with Denver Zoo and let’s be a force for good.