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                    Up-Close Looks

                    We're excited to bring back Animal Encounters in a fun, safe and ultra-exclusive way. Our new “Up-Close Look” experiences allow you to "buy out” a session for up to four people from your social distancing bubble to enjoy an exciting and intimate experience that keeps everyone, including our animals, safe!

                    Don't see your favorite furry, feathery, scaly or leathery friend below? Sign up for email updates, and you'll be the first to know when new experiences are added.


                    An up-close experience with our most fascinating reptilian representatives


                    A private experience with our long-lashed Casanovas: Jorge and Fernando


                    A face-to-face feeding experience with our amazing reticulated giraffe herd

                    PORCUPINE & TAMANDUA

                    Got a nose for extra-fascinating, ultra-adorable animals? Get your tail in here.


                    Enjoy life in the slow lane with Wookiee, our sweet two-toed sloth!

                    BIRDS OF PREY

                    Whoooo will be enraptured by an
                    up-close look at our raptors? YOU.


                    Learn all about our intelligent and interesting fine-feathered friends


                    Every day is hump day with our gorgeously goofy camel herd.

                    Give The Gift of Wonder

                    Share the wonders of the wild with someone special! Whether they're celebrating an important milestone or embracing their everyday love for the animal kingdom, they'll get to choose their up-close experience.